5 Top Languages To Learn Of 21st Century

As a good society, a least we should learn one language except for the mother tongue. Another language is needed to face globalization. In fact, globalization has forced people to have the ability to communicate as multilingual. The languages will help us to survive in another country except for our country. Moreover, we can learn and conduct business with other countries by knowing the top languages to learn.

In the 21st century, it is not enough to just able to speak the mother tongue. We need to know more languages to survive in the 22nd century. This world has already changed to become smarter than before. Therefore, we also need to change ourselves to be better. The following paragraph will explain the top languages to learn in the 21st century.

1. English Language

The most famous language to learn is English. We can say that English is the international language that should be known by people. In addition, there are many countries used English as their mother tongue. Moreover, all of the technology such as the internet and computer use English as the mother tongue. Therefore, we need to capable in speaking English to survive globalization and also technology.

2. Chinese

Chinese is the second language of top languages to learn. In fact, Chinese is not the only important language, but the Chinese have a big population amount of 982 million native speakers. Moreover, China is a big country which has powerful globally. We can say that the center of economic and business is placed in China. In addition, China also has a progressive educational background. Many technologies and education progress in China. The Society of Chine also spread to the world.

3. Spanish

After Chinese, we have Spanish as the third top languages to learn. There are 20 countries or more used Spanish as their primary language. Moreover, society has the ability to speak more their second langue. Thus, Spanish also become the most famous country which is visited by many people around the world. The tourist usually comes for travel or study.

4. Japanese

The fourth top language which needs to learn and understand is Japanese. In fact, Japan has many beautiful places. Mostly, people may be difficult to recognize some countries, but it does not happen to Japan. Japan has its interesting and unique icon which determines Japan itself. Moreover, japan not only has beautiful places, but Japan also has Modern and high-quality technology. On the other hand, Japan has high-quality in some aspects such as education, technology, and Industries.

5. German

The last important language to learn is German. We know the real fact about Germany. Germany becomes the center and dominant economy in Europe. Moreover, German is also the language that is almost spoken in the European continent. In fact, German has become an important language to learn which has global power.

The five languages that have been explained above are the top languages to learn. Those languages and the country is the most powerful and big country around the worlds. We should be able to speak at least English as the international language, to survive the world.