Amazing Discovery of Medical Breakthrough Over the Years

No one wants to be sick or suffer from a disease, especially if there is no cure. These kinds of diseases can be quite stressing for people and make them have no hope. However, people must believe in miracles because anything can happen, and this is true. Through the past year, doctors and scientists have made a discovery of some new breakthrough for many diseases. This discovery of medical breakthrough over the years isn’t yet released but are very happy news. People will have to wait a bit more to see the results of the discovery. 

The Medical Breakthrough in 2019

Many diseases still don’t have any cure, and this makes scientists and doctors to work extra hard. Until today, many doctors and scientists are still fighting to find the cure of those diseases. Even though it is not easy, some disease is finally getting some yellow light from their research. Here are some of the discovery of medical breakthrough over the years that might succeed:

1. Blood Test for Breast Cancer

This is not a cure but also helps people notice a disease before it gets big. Some researches in England have discovered a blood test that can detect breast cancer before a lump or symptoms occur. This way is cheaper than having to go for a mammogram test. Because just by taking their blood test, doctors can know whether they have potential in breast cancer. However, researchers still need to confirm the blood test and make sure it is right. If everything goes well, in the next five years the blood test will be open for the public.

2. Trikafta – New Drug

Another great discovery is the new drug that people will know as the trikafta. This drug will help people who suffer from health and lung function. There is already a result of this drug and the results were great. However, researchers are still observing 12 patients that are using this drug and seeing their progress. If this discovery is ok, then it will surely help all the patients in the world. 

3. Alzheimers Drug

A disease that has been attacking people slowly but sure is Alzheimer’s disease. This disease destroys the nerves of the human brain making people hard to do anything. This disease doesn’t kill people, but it will make people suffer from not being able to move. This year, scientists have found a drug that can help people heal from this disease. Even though it is not yet final, people are getting better after drinking this drug. Hopefully, this discovery of medical breakthroughs over the years can bring new hope. 

4. Crispr

A new cure has been developed through a technology called CRISPR. Through this new tool, scientists are allowing to modify DNA and genes. Scientists have been using this new tool in the past years for research and growing crops. Until today the results are greats and exciting to wait for. 

5. Treatments for Allergy

For those who have peanuts, allergy can soon be happy because a treatment is coming soon. After an injection people can then start eating peanuts even though in a certain portion. However, this is still a great news especially for those who have this allergy. 

More discovery of medical breakthrough over the years are coming. Hopefully, these discoveries can give a positive effect on people’s life. Even though many of them need time, it is all worth the wait.