Best Binge-Worthy Shows on Netflix You Will Love in Holiday

There is nothing more fun than spending time in a movie marathon. It is a pleasure when you finally finish a movie series. However, you should thank Netflix which seems to have everything you want. It starts from the classic romantic stories, action-comedy, until the post-apocalypse ones. If you are looking for more shows, then you are in the right move now. We have the best binge-worthy shows on Netflix here as your list.

We make the list below because it is challenging to find the great one. Many people dive into nights just watching an awful storyline. Finally, they end up by turning off the TV or laptop and go sleep with a disappointed feeling. Instead of sacrificing your time like that, it is better for you to check our following recommendation about the best binge-worthy shows on Netflix:

1. Sex Education

It is a hilarious, touching, and educating movie. Do not imagine that you will only see an adult scene in the story. More than that, this movie addresses many values, such as intimacy, female pleasure, asexuality, until the identity issue. You might find the story about a teenager in the first episode. But the story has been developed into a complex topic rather than just about bed and orgasm.

2. The Stranger

If you love heart jumping and involved in confusion, then you should have The Stranger on your list. This movie doesn’t only show you a mystery, but also spooky storyline to dive in. The director adapted the story from a novel with the same title. Along with the movie, you are wondering about the stranger who goes around the town and revealing people’s secrets. It is more than a detective movie which sometimes makes someone sleepy.

3. Cheer

Are you the 90’s generation or love something with the ’90s? Then, you probably know the popular cheerleader movie “Bring It On”. Get yourself flashback to that memory by watching Cheer series. All you want to know about cheers’ life is here. The scenes show the viewers how overwhelmed and competitive cheerleading would be. However, there is still love among the people out there.

4. Atypical

Warm your heart by watching Atypical. This movie is about an autistic teenager who struggles with his life. You probably ever found the more touching one, but this story is different. You will find how Sam’s parent relationship gets into a problem, the challenge in college, and many ranges of emotions here. Every character gives you a lesson to learn.

5. Mindhunter

This is one of the recommended movies on Netflix all the time. For those who are curious about the FBI’s jobs and all about killers, this one can be the best choice. You will know the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit does and the studies. It is better to watch continuously from each episode because you probably miss the link if you jump to the next season. Just believe that you won’t get bored since the first scene.

Keep those best binge-worthy shows on Netflix above from now. Prepare yourself for various experiences and mixed feelings from the movies. When you are finally done with the list, you can back to the internet and find the others. Keep updating because Netflix is always offering something new to try.