Five Important Things You Should Know About Whatsapp For Business

Every business needs customer service. It can make your business looks more professional because buyer or consumer can easily reach you to ask something important. Using WhatsApp business can be a great choice for you. There are so many things you should know about WhatsApp for business.

Almost all people use WhatsApp on their phone, so using WhatsApp business will make consumers easier to chat with customer service. Here is what this chatting app can do for you.

1. Can Use Different Whatsapp Number in A Gadget

Whatsapp Business is a different app with the WhatsApp itself. So, without buying a new phone you can use more than one number for different WhatsApp account.

The business runs great, and your privacy still saves. You can separate between personal things and business. Is it important?

For a big business, of course, it is very important. While your business growing up you will gather more employees, adding more suppliers and having a lot of buyers. Still, want to use your own phone number to be a customer service number?

2. Can Answer Customer’s Chat Automatically

A feature that can make your business easier is an auto-reply chat. You can make the auto-reply text for responding or greet new customers.

A simple greeting like “hello, welcome to our online shop. What can I do for you?” will make people feel welcomed. They will be very happy and want to talk or ask more.

Then, a chat template that contains a bank account number to finish the payment will be very helpful too. Simply make the template and send it when a buyer wants to do the payment.

Further, you can also make a FAQ text. So if customers ask the same questions, it can be answered quickly.

From this feature, we can see that WhatsApp business really wants to make the work easier. No need to re-type the same things for a hundred or a thousand times.

3. There Is a Label To Mark Some Chat

Whatsapp business also provides chat labeling. This label is useful for you who want to mark some people.

For example, people who have done the payment can be labeled blue. So it means the product needs to be shipped today.

Or you can use another color to mark another chat. This is a simple feature but very useful.

Remember, that your customer will be a lot. More than 2 or 3 persons. So to do a great service you should work faster and smarter.

4. User Can See the Product Catalog

An online catalog is provided too in this app. Here people can see the product, description, photo, and price.

So when people open your WhatsApp business profile, they will be the product too. You don’t have to send it one by one. Personalize your profile and choose the best product’s photo so the customer will be interested to ask and buy them.

5. Send Broadcast Message

Whatsapp business also has a broadcast feature. It is like a free way to promote a product. Every desired contact in your account will accept the message.

So you don’t need to test them one by one. It is more simple and easier to do too.

The broadcast can contain a discount or promotion announcement. It will look like having a new group. So you can add some documents or photos too.

Those are a few important things you should know about WhatsApp for business. That 5 feature is helpful for you and simplifies your job.

This smart feature is the main reason why you should try to use the WhatsApp business app for your business. It can help you to manage the selling process and the customer will be happy because you work professionally.