Simple Ways How To Lose Weight Without Exercise Or Dieting

Having an ideal body is a dream for everyone. Thus, some hacks are spread on the internet. You can easily follow starts from the easiest until the rigid rules. But, do you know that you can transform your body into natural ways? Here we go with the secrets of how to lose weight without exercise or dieting.

how to lose weight without exercise or dieting

You might skeptic in these ways below. But they are worth to try if you won’t get suffer while in your body goal journey. How to lose weight without exercise or dieting is not asking you for cost. It just needs to be done continuously and consistently. And talking about the result, it might not come in a short time. But as long as you follow tips below, you will be amazed one day:

1. Eat Slowly

Eating slowly doesn’t mean you do a slow-motion or being lame. Chew thoroughly for every bite. While you are chewing more, your portion will be smaller. Believe it or not that this way can make you feel fuller. So, you won’t add more food to your plate. There are many kinds of research too which proven faster eaters are likely to gain their weight.

2. Keep Your Body Hydrated

Not many people know that taking more water is one way of how to lose weight without exercise or dieting. Indeed, you might feel your stomach full. Because drinking water can reduce the calorie intake and your hunger. It is better to drink before eating. But remember, drink only mineral water not soda, coffee, and any other sugary drink.

3. Use A Small Plate

Some people think dieting is reducing your portion or changing the carbos with more vegetables and fruits. If you are very in love with the carbo, you can play a trick with them. You don’t have to change them, play a trick by changing the plate size. Use a smaller plate cannot allow you to add more food because your plate is not enough. Keep in mind not to eat faster and then add more. It won’t work if you still having that mindset.

4. Sleep Enough, Don’t be Stress

Health people have enough sleep and be happy every day. No matter how much their workload, they always have enough time to sleep. Quality sleep helps you to control your hormone. When you are lack sleeping, your leptin and ghrelin hormones will be disrupted. Also, the cortisol will elevate and caused stress. Those things boost your hunger, so you will crave unhealthy food and lead you to higher calorie intake.

5. Way Off Your Gadget

Today try to give full attention to your food. It might help you to eat lower calories because you have no distraction while eating. Watching TV or scrolling your media social can influence the calories to intake inadvertently. You might not realize this, but it happens to several people. Unfortunately, the impact is massive enough for the long term.

Those are the things on how to lose weight without exercise or dieting. They are effortless and suitable for every beginner. In achieving a body goal needs a sacrifice, but don’t push yourself too hard, unless your body will get shocked. Set on your mind that being healthy is way more important than just getting fit in your old jeans.