Important Things That You Wouldn’t Get From School But You Have To Master

Many important sciences are very useful in this life but ironically never taught by schools. This does not mean that schools are wrong, but there are indeed many systems, rules, and learning that are already irrelevant. The following are important things that you wouldn’t get from school:

1. Skeptical and Logical Tinking

Many people who work and do business don’t think skeptically. Why is this important? Because this world is full of deception and manipulation. The school itself is part of a business right? There are many misguided self-development sciences out there, fake seminars, deceptive motivators, hoax news on social media and various other fraudulent schemes.

Skeptical thinking and logic are the best way to deal with the real world (real life), including avoiding biases where the bias can usually lead us to the wrong path, false opinions and tend to harm ourselves. The point is the era of technology and information as it is today, everything becomes complex, make sure you continue to hone logic and think more skeptically. This is one of the important things that you wouldn’t get from school.

2. Ability to Negotiate

Most schools rarely instill the importance of negotiation. Often we take for granted all the knowledge that the teacher gives without digesting it first. School rules come from there, and students are never allowed to negotiate what they want.

The ability to think critically and the courage to speak up is need when you have graduated from school and struggled in the world of work. To talk with clients, present ideas and projects, solve problems with colleagues in the office, to discuss salary, you must have sufficient negotiation skills.

Only by participating in various organizations and committees can negotiation skills be trained. With this, people are encouraged to work together with others, looking for the best work patterns.

People will also challenge by finding funding for the organization’s project funding. Which naturally requires it to negotiate convincingly in the presence of potential sponsors. This skill cannot obtain simply by looking up at the board and taking notes.

3. Take Risks and Do Something

We are very familiar with plans, but in real life, it is never as beautiful as theory. Life is never in line with the plan we make at first.

The reality is> 80% of your plans will fail no matter how good you plan. Ironically, at school, we are taught more about plans and less emphasis on risk-taking. Not the plan is not important, but too many things in life are unpredictable and beyond our control.

Because of that, start daring to do something even though you don’t know the results yet. Do not have to take reckless steps or drastic changes.

Start taking simple steps like learning something new, doing something even when you don’t know what to do.  Because in the end “doing” is far more important than not doing at all.

Indeed playing safe in life (safety) is the main priority of most people. But unfortunately, there is nothing in life that can guarantee that security. Sometimes you have to do something uncertain, do something even though you don’t know the results.

Dig deeper into your curiosity. If you dare to question many things and are willing to risk doing new things, you can learn anything faster and certainly achieve more in this life.

That’s the list of the important things that you wouldn’t get from school. Therefore understand these three points as well as possible and hopefully with you can live this life better.