List of Sexiest Man on Earth 2019 Make a Woman’s Eyes Shift

The news world is developing not only for women but also for men. There are many categories to win in the nominations. One of them is a sexy body. The following is the list of the sexiest man on earth 2019.

1 John Legend

John Legend, a singer from the United States was just crown as PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive 2019. The title EGOTSMA, was crown to him. All these achievements were achieved by Legend at the age of 40 years.

Legend is present as a loving husband for TV star Chrissy Teigen as well as a good father figure for his two children, Luna and Miles. The man whose real name is John Stephens claimed to study ‘sexy’ from Blake who had gotten the title of Sexiest Man Alive in 2017.

John Legend shifted Idris Elba’s position to be crowned the 2019 Sexiest Man in the People’s version. He managed to become the 34th sexiest man in history. In addition, John Legend is a singer who was born in Ohio, United States, which began his career in 2000.

Until now, John Legend has six studio albums and two collaboration albums. His latest album is A Legendary Christmas. Throughout his career, the soundtrack of “Beauty and The Beast” won 33 awards from 80 nominations. This man became the sexiest man on earth 2019, which occupies the first position.

2 Blake Shelton

The next sexiest man is country singer Blake Shelton, 41. The Oklahoma-born man has just spawned Texoma Shore, which is selling well in the market. His role as one of the judges on The Voice also continues.

Responding to the title Sexiest Man Alive addressed to him, this dimpled man admitted that he did not feel sexy. According to him he even had problems controlling weight since he was young. He likes to eat junk food, even though he is diligent in sports.

3 Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson, 45, is a former WWE wrestler who was once famous by the stage name The Rock. Now he is considered as one of the most promising action actors.

The involvement of one of the most expensive actors in the world can say to guarantee the status of the box office. Starting from the Fast and Furious franchise to the animated film Moana where he lent his heavy voice to sing was a huge success.

But according to Dwayne, what makes him most proud was his small family. The burly man from Hawaii now lives with his official partner, Lauren Hashian and their two daughters.

4 Jungkook BTS

The youngest member of BTS previously occupied the 5th position in the sexiest male poll in South Korea. However, his vote soared in online voting to choose the sexiest man in the world. He got 2,927,537 votes.

Jungkook BTS occupies a position as the main vocalist, lead dancer, sub rapper, as well as center in the group. Visual Jungkook BTS is indeed not in doubt.

He even earned the nickname Golden Maknae thanks to the myriad of talents he possessed. He is a complete package idol because he can sing, dance, rap, and of course his talent makes hysterical fans happy.

That’s the list of the sexiest man on earth 2019. Sexiness makes women who see it become melted and distracted. The possessed body will affect a man’s face to become more handsome.