Meeting Famous Hackers From Around the World

Everyday technology is getting bigger and sophisticated. As technology keeps growing, hackers keep following along as well. They hack many kinds of things. Not only spreads a virus into computers, but they also steal data and could control a system. Hackers usually target big companies and even the government. There are several famous hackers from around the world that succeeded in breaking in even to the most secure system. They caused both system damage and also material damage.

There are many reasons why people hack. Like other criminal cases, financial has become the main reason why people hack. Another reason is that they wanted to famous for their actions and skills. Or sometimes they disagree with the system and want to change it. To explain better, here are some famous hackers from around the world.

1. Gary McKinnon: Military & NASA Hacker

Working alone, Gary McKinnon has become famous because he successfully hacked US Military & NASA’s security. He deleted some important data and also installed some viruses in the system. It all caused material damage to up to $700,000. To satisfy himself, he put an announcement on the Military website. He wrote “Your Security Is Crap” on the front page.

2. Adrian Lamo: Breaks into Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft

Whoever thought that one of the famous hackers from around the world would be sitting in a café? Adrian Lamo is one of them. Currently sitting in cafes and other public spaces, he opens up his laptop and does his skill. He has hacked not only to Yahoo!, Google, and Microsoft’s system but also to the users in it.

3. Kevin Poulsen: the Porsche winner

One of a unique thing that Kevin Poulsen has done it he hacked to win himself a Porsche. He entered himself in the system so that he could get the expensive car, Proshe. After the FBI caught him, they also figure out that he has hacked some federal systems as well. However, now Kevin has become a successful journalist senior

4. Albert Gonzalez: Stealing Bank Accounts

Bank Accounts stealers are the most famous hackers from around the world. Albert Gonzales is the biggest bank online thief. Not only he steals but also resold the bank user’s data. He sold ATM numbers and also credit card info. Albert has been doing it for over two years long before he had been caught

5. Robert Tappan Morris: Computers Virus

Been using a computer then it suddenly slows down and even gets a blue screen? This might be one of the impacts of computer viruses. One of the creators of the computer virus is Robert Tappan. He was just a student when he made a computer virus. Because of spreading a global computer virus, he had to run community service and paid some fine. However, now he becomes a professor and a founder.

The top list of famous hackers from around the world is not all bad ones. Some of them has become a successful person while others end up in jail. The government and companies now keep innovating to create a better security system to avoid hackers.