Natural Disaster In Japan That Makes You Think Twice To Live There

Japan is considering a country with a high level of a natural disaster. From tsunami to typhoons, flood and volcano eruption, and also the storm. Despite the devastating effect of the natural disaster, the Japanese are strong and standstill. Recently, a natural disaster in Japan striking again. Here is the list:

1. Hagibis Typhoons

Not so long ago, typhoons called the Hagibis strike and paralyze Japan. Reportedly, more than 18 people are missing and more than 175 injured people in this natural disaster in Japan. Meanwhile, several cities are in flood due to the river overflowed and pouring rain. Nagano is the city with the most destructive impact.

Moreover, their iconic Shinkansen cannot operate in the affected area. Due to bad weather, Japan also closes their international airport in Narita and Haneda. Approximately 800 flights were canceled. Accordingly, the prime minister of Japan Shinzo Abe stated that Japan will do everything they can to overcome the disaster.

2. Earthquake in Osaka

In mid-June, this year, earthquake strikes Osaka. The disaster happens in a quiet and peaceful morning in summer. Meanwhile, the 6,1SR earthquake is a miserable moment for a citizen of Osaka. Moreover, the report says that there are two little girls struck down by an old building during the disaster.

Additionally, 5 people are missing and more than 400 people are injured. The government takes a quick step to inspect the old buildings and demolish them. This is to avoid repeat conditions. After the earthquake stopped, locals found a big hole on the street in Takatsuki. The main road and water pipe are also wrecking.

3. Tsunami

The public will never forget the 2011 Japan tsunami. It was a devastating and destructive disaster and crush Japan economically. Moreover, it also considers the biggest tsunami in the world. All of that was started with an earthquake in Honshu island which triggered tsunami to struck. This disaster cost Japan more than USD 360 million.

4. Heatwave

Within a week, 65 people die because of the heatwave in Japan. Locals claim that the heatwave has never been before. Additionally, more than 22.000 people are hospitalized due to the heatwave. The highest temperature was 41,1 degrees. The government pays more attention to children and consider to extend the summer holiday this year.

5. Landslide and Flood

Pouring rain in July causing massive landslide and flood in west Japan. In another location, Hiroshima and Kurashiki experience severe impacts. Meanwhile, the water level reaches 2 meters and higher than the house roof. More than 221 people die during this disaster.

As the flood drain away, there are still more than 1.500 locals in evacuation and live in a shelter. Not only because they lost their house, but also the occurring damage on their way home. Besides, a number of road reports being damage. On the other hand, the government takes responsive action to minimize the victim.

Despite their destructive natural disaster, the Japanese are well train in facing those circumstances. They also well prepared and make a good job in mitigation. But still, disaster is a disaster. We cannot avoid victims and destruction. Maybe, natural disaster in Japan is what makes Japanese strong, steady and brave.