Simple Tips on How to Get Good Food Photography with Phone

Taking a picture of foods before eating it is a new habit for most people these days. People often take pictures of the food and post it on social media. For some other people, posting about food is not just a hobby but it has an occupation for them. Using a professional camera might be difficult, so it is better to use a camera on a phone. There are many ways on how to get good food photography with phones.

Not only food photography with phones is useful for customers who want to share their meal on social media. It could also be useful for restaurants owners. With often sharing the delicious pictures online, it would attract more people to come to the restaurant. However, taking a great picture might be tricky. Here are some simple tips on how to get good food photography with phones.

1. Use natural light

A simple tip for a great result is using natural light during the photo. Try to avoid flashlights from the handphone because it would decrease the quality. Also, it would make the photo less delicious. The natural light on a food photo would help the photo show the details of the food. This would make the photo looks more drooling.

2. Get closer

Another tip on how to get good food photography with phones is taking the photo close to the dish. Do not use the zoom feature because it would increase the quality of the photo. Try to move the camera closer to the food. The more details of the food on the picture make a greater image. As an addition, try to choose the most delicious side of the dish.

3. Choose a colorful dish

While eating in a café or a restaurant, choose a colorful menu. The colors on the food would create a great color tone in the photo. Not only that the photo would be more beautiful but also it would be more attractive. Make sure to take to photo immediately after it is served so that the color is still fresh and yummy.

4. An upper Angle

One of the great good pictures is with using an upper angle. This tip is often used on how to get good food photography with phones. Taking the picture on the top of the food would look more delicious than taking it from the front. However, make sure that there are no shadows on the pictures. As an addition, insert a friend’s hand in frame that is spooning the food. This would add more stories to the photo.

5. Minim Editing

After taking the food photo with the best angle, some people edit the photo first. It is okay to edit the photo before posting it on social media. However, make sure not to put too much editing. The main aim of a food photo is to show the real color tone.

Sharing food photos online is a fun thing to do. For the best result, try some simple tips on how to get good food photography with phones. The more pictures capture the more great results.