Top 5 Smallest Countries in The World You Should Know

One of the obligations in establishing a country is the territory. It is not a big deal although the territory is small. Off all countries spread throughout the world, here are 5 smallest countries in the world you should know.

smallest country in the world

If there are the largest countries like Russian and China, of course, there are the smallest countries. Maybe you rarely hear the name of this country. The following are the list of the names of the smallest countries in the world:

1. Vatican City

In the first place, the smallest country is Vatican City, located in Rome, Italy. Based on its land area, the Vatican is the smallest independent country in the world. This country has a 0.44 square kilometers area.

In this country, there are centers of Catholic churches throughout the world, St. Pete’s Basilica. The voluntary contribution of the Roman Catholic Church from all over the world is the main income in this country.

2. Monaco

This country has an area of 2 square kilometers, not including the sea area. The Monaco region is a coastal area, located in southeastern France. This country is home to many billionaires.

Monaco is known for its luxury goods, service industries, and gambling. This country has a good and orderly urban layout. Its territory is mostly in the form of clean coves with leaning ships.

3. Nauru

The country is located in the northeast of the Solomon Islands. Nauru is an island area measuring 21 square kilometers located between the vast Pacific Ocean. In the 2980s, this country was known for its rapidly growing phosphate mines there.

Therefore, in the early 2980s, the country had the highest per capita income. However, now the source of phosphate is gone. From now on, this country has a nick name as a quiet island. However, most of the population of this country, around 40% is obese.

4. Tuvalu

This country has an area slightly larger than Nauru. The land area is about 26 square kilometers. The country has 10.000 inhabitants and has 8 kilometers of road infrastructure. This country has a great distance from neighboring countries so tourism in this country is not very developed.

Even though the tourism potential in this region is very big. Moreover, this country is a beautiful island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. However, in recent years the country has begun to intensify its tourism sector.

5. San Marino

This country claims to be the oldest surviving sovereign nation in the world. Moreover, this country is the richest country based on GDP per capita. In addition, this country also has 30.000 inhabitants.

This country has the lowest unemployment rate in the world. Although this country is one of the smallest countries in the world, this country has a famous racing circuit.

The explanation above is about 5 smallest countries in the world. Although the area is so small, it can still function as a country. If you are interested in the uniqueness of these countries, try to visit one of them. Visiting one of them will be a memorable experience for you.