The Importance Of Sports And Games In School That You Never Expect Before

School is the best place to get knowledge for the student. Students can get and learn anything in the school including sports and games. We may wonder about the role of having sports and games in school for the students.  In fact, sports and games are not the main subjects in the school, they still have an important role for children. If the main subject teaches students about the theory and science, sports and games will teach them about personality. The following will explain the importance of sports and games in school.

1. Train The Team Spirit Each Other

Social interaction is not coming from our self, but it built. On the other hand, we need to be trained to have a good relation and interaction with each other. In school, students are also taught about the interaction or team spirit by having sports and games. Sports teach students the experiences of working together with some people in a group by friendship. By having sports and games, students will get experience in how to interact and build a good collaboration to reach a goal.

2. Time Management

Another thing from the importance of sports and games in school is time management. Almost the same as the previous explanation, the sports and games also can be the best way to teach time management for students. In sports and games, there are rules that they should manage with their group. Therefore, they will learn about how to manage the time with a group to reach the same aim in games or sports. 

3. Build The Characters of Students

Having sports and games as the subject in school is a very good idea. We should know that sports and games can build a good character of students. in sports, students will face the real competition which they should be the winner. The competition in sports and games can stimulate the challenge desire of the students. Moreover, if they lose, they must accept it by heart. Therefore, by playing a game or sport, students will learn many characters in many cases and experiences.

4. Build The Self-Esteem of The Students

After playing a game or sport, students will know who is the winner and the loser. The loser learns to accept their condition wisely and build more spirit to face other challenges. On the other hand, the winner will be happy about it. Then, they will get learning about self-esteem.

The self-esteem is about how can they celebrate and appreciate themself as the winner. They should learn how to be proud of themselves and be humble. This condition should be trained for many times until they really understand how to be humble as the winner. Teachers should teach them wisely and never appreciate and judge the winner or the loser affluent. Therefore, they will be a kind person in the future.

Those four aspects of the importance of sports and games in school that parents and teachers should know. Even sports and games seem simple and useless, they can give many experiences and build the character of the students. the more we care, the better they grow up.