Top 5 Best Cafe Games For Android To Kill Your Boring

When you feel bored, you need to do something to cheer up again. Some people choose to install the best cafe games for Android as their entertainment. Indeed, this option is the right thing to do. Because you can get rid of the boring and also exercise your mind at the same time. The mission to complete is not only serving someone’s order. Once your level is up, you need to do some upgrades. You should buy stuff, food materials, and many things. So, playing this game requires your skill to manage money too.

By playing this game, you don’t only satisfy with the complete mission, but also having fun with colorful foods, drinks, and the characters inside. Seeing how fun the cafe game is, that is why this game is suitable for all ages and gender. You can ask your partner to play together or involve your kids too. In this article, we want to share with you the best cafe games for android. Find our recommendations below and try to play one of them:

1. Dinner Dash

This game has been played with people from years ago. Since Android came to the market, its development team creates the Android version. Playing this game requires you to manage time very well. Once you make the customer angry, you will lose the income. Make sure you place them to match the color to get an extra point.

2. Cooking Mama Let’s Cook!

There is no better cook than your mom’s, so this game shows how your mother makes various dishes. There are up to 30 different recipes to prepare, then you should open the restaurant. Serve the food as your customer ordered and make your kitchen as the best one.

3. Food Street – Restaurant Game

We can say that this is a hard game because you have to deal with a fast-paced customer. The goal is not only fulfilling the customer’s order but also you have to decorate the dishes as they want. There is no limitation in customer numbers here. All you have to concern is the ticking clock before the restaurant is closed.

4. Restaurant Paradise: Sim Game

Following the Sim City game, this cafe game is also addictive. You will be in a sunny tropical island and serving international cuisines. To complete the challenge, you need to invest in ingredients. The more qualified your materials, you can make more various dishes over the globe. If you go online, you can visit the other’s restaurant and help their business get an extra tip.

5. My Café: Recipes & Stories

If you love playing a game with a storyline, then this game is the right one to install. My cafe game asks you to build a bakery, diner, or restaurant on your friend’s ground, named Ann. After that, you should seek someone as the staff, decorate the venue, and set the price menu. This game makes you the real restaurant owner like real.

The best cafe games for android can help you to be expertise in restaurant management. Matching the order, fulfilling customer’s expectations, also time and budget management actually very useful for your daily real life. So, what are you waiting for now? Let’s open your Google Play Store and get the game to your phone.