Top 5 Best Game App to Play with Friends In 2019

Playing with friends is certainly one of the fun things to do. Moreover, you and your friends can play games only through your mobile. So, try playing the best game app to play with friends.

There are many games that you can play with your friends. The game can be played locally or online. The following are 5 recommendations of the best game app to play with friends:

1.     King of Opera

In this game, you will try to become the king of the opera stage at the King of Opera. This game can be played by up to four people, each controlling an opera singer on one screen. You must also push other players to fall off the stage.

The player with the highest score will be the winner at the end of the game. To control this game, there is a button at each end of the screen that has a different color. If you press the button, the character will move according to the direction.

2.     Battle Slimes

In this game, you can play fours with your friends controlling funny slime. In the main menu, you will see an option to determine how many players will compete. The goal of Battle Slimes is to get the highest score within a certain time limit.

To get a score, you must shoot another slime successfully. You can also reduce the opponent’s slime score by stepping on it like in the Super Mario Bros game. Each stage has different characteristics and effects. Therefore, you must adjust your playing strategy every time you move.

3.     Space Team

In this game, you will act as the crew of a spaceship trying to survive the various dangers that lie ahead. You can’t play alone here; it takes at least two people to play. The maximum number of players who can play together is four people.

How to play Space Team requires the speed of your hands and eyes and a loud voice. In addition, you need sharp ears, and also patience in playing this game. This is because you will answer the commands that you have to do together by one member at the same time.

4.     Badland

This game allows you to play with up to four players on one screen. Each player will control one character. To win a level, it requires only one character to make it to the destination. Each player must help each other so that the mission is successful.

You can discuss how to overcome certain challenges and share tasks. Especially with the beautiful graphics of this game can make you enjoy playing for hours. That is why this game is the best game app to play with friends.

5.     Bomsquad

This game has a high level of adrenaline. This is because you will throw bombs and blows at each other. Here you can work together or fight with other players locally or online.

Your task here is to kill the opposing team members or complete the mission given. Many multiplayer methods are available, from using wifi to internet connections. You can also use one screen together by using the remote controller application.

Those are the list of the best game app to play with friends. You can play with your friends while spending leisure time. So, make sure the selected game is very exciting and your friends like to play it.