7 Weird Food You Have To Think Twice To Eat But Are Local’s Delicacy

Food is a basic human need. Besides a variety of delicious foods that we can eat are countless. But there are unique and strange foods. This exotic taste only exists in Asia. Although it may not seem edible. Also, there are many enthusiasts. So this is 7 weird food that you have to think twice to eat:

weird food you have to think twice to eat

1. Bird’s Nest

Certainly not an ordinary bird’s nest. This weird food that you have to think twice to eat, is made from swallow’s nests. Usually, swallows make their nests using their saliva. This food has been very popular in China.

Since time immemorial and is the food of the emperors and the royal family. That’s why the price is very expensive. A small bowl of bird’s nest soup can be very expensive. It is said that this bird’s nest has Boombastic properties. Such as preventing aging. Also treating various diseases, and as an enhancer of sexual desire.

2. Beondegi (Silkworm)

In Korea, silkworms are usually consumed as a mild snack. It’s also weird food that you have to think twice to eat. The processing process is only boiling it. Then there are separate spices that make it taste more delicious.

The price is around 500 to 2000 Won for one bowl. These foods are usually sold by street vendors. Besides restaurants, or also at beverage shops. This food is also sold canned in supermarkets. Also small shops. 

3. Luwak Coffee

Civet is a type of weasel who likes to eat coffee beans. Then he settles in his stomach and fermented naturally in the mongoose’s body. When the mongoose poops. The coffee beans are still intact and not destroyed. Then, this processing turns the coffee beans into drinks. Also known as Kopi Luwak, this coffee is the most expensive in its class

4. Balut (Duck Eggs that Almost Hatch)

This weird food that you have to think twice to eat, is very famous in the Philippines. In the form of duck eggs that are almost hatched. Then use the boiling method. Then eaten whole in the shell.

This food is very popular. Especially in neighbor countries such as Laos and Vietnam. Those are can be found on the edge of the road. Balut is from the Tagalog language. Which means the same as the Malay language too: wrap.

5. Sannakji Hoe (Live Octopus)

Hoe means raw food in Korean. Also, nakji means small octopus. Sannakji Hoe is a live octopus. then it’s serving in a pieces. Especially while still alive. Served with a few additional mild seasonings such as salt, etc.

Because it’s still alive. Sometimes octopus tentacles still work. And also stick around the mouth to the neck. This can be dangerous. Because it can cause choking. You have to be careful. Especially, if you want to try this food menu.

6. Mebachi (Tuna Eye)

Is tuna eye delicious? He said so. Many Japanese people like it. Also, this food is only suitable for those who are adventurous tongues. If you are easily disgusted and nauseous. This food is very dangerous.

According to reports, they have tried. Mebachi is fatty, and tastes “rich”. Mebachi can be served in various forms such as sashimi, soy sauce, roast, etc.

7. Goat Gender

Yes. Goat Gender. In China, their identities can vary. However, for those who have already eat it, of course, there are their views. The taste of the goat penis is rather tasteless and mediocre. While the testes in Indonesia called “Torpedo”. It also feels more delicious and nutritious. Male arousal will increase after eating this. And for women, it is good for skin beauty. There are several traditional tedo stalls in Indonesia.

The matter of feeling good or not, it all depends on the individual. Everyone has a different subjectivity. Those are 7 weird food that you have to think twice to eat. After seeing the food above, are you curious to try it or even feel disgusted?