5 Best Places Where To Go In Chicago For Holiday

Summer is coming! Have you planned for the holiday? Create a different experience by visiting Chicago. As one of the cities in the US, Chicago has many museums, art galleries, restaurants, and theaters. If you want more than a historical holiday, just do a culinary trip. You will never feel hungry while in Chicago. Now add this city as your summer holiday destination, then see our recommendation below of where to go in Chicago.

5 Best Places Where To Go In Chicago For Holiday

The reason why we advise you to visit Chicago in the summer, it is because of lots of festivals every weekend. You will love doing outdoor activities wherever you are. Even Chicago is also known as a big city, it still has beautiful beaches to swim. The beaches are various, there are beaches for a party, family, dog-friendly, and many more. Don’t be confused about where to go in Chicago. Grab your note and let’s make the plan for a perfect trip:

1. Millennium Park

As we mentioned above, Chicago has lots of street activities in the summer. Go to Millennium park, then you will see concerts and festivals there. Luckily, the concerts are free for everyone. Also, the most frequent event you won’t miss is movie screening at the Frank Gehry. Don’t forget to take many selfies there, especially in front of the Cloud Gate.

2. Art Institute of Chicago

One of the best art museums is at the Art Institute of Chicago. It is the largest place where you can find the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paints. More than that, there are also artifacts, such as glass, coins, jewelry, and many others. If you finish walking around this place, taste the food in the Terzo Piano restaurant there.

3. Lincoln Park Zoo

This place always included as a place where to go to Chicago. Don’t imagine it is an ordinary zoo because the Lincoln park zoo has more than 1,100 animals. Find the polar bear and African penguins there. More than that, you can also see Japanese macaques, petting zoos, and etc. This place has two design place, indoor and outdoor sites.

4. Garfield Park Conservatory

Just like the Lincoln park zoo, Garfield park conservatory is also counted as the most-visited place in Chicago. You will have a trip to take around this park because Garfield park conservatory is the third-largest garden under glass. Inside the park, there are more than 80 varieties and the waterfall in the Fen Room. Also, this place has various collections of cactuses.

5. Shedd Aquarium

After you finish seeing the land animals, go to Shedd Aquarium. It is the biggest indoor aquarium around the world that you really must visit. There are more than 30,000 aquatic creatures there, like the anaconda, piranhas, caimans, and others. You never find an incredible place to see ocean creatures except in Shedd Aquarium.

Actually, there are still lots of places where to go in Chicago. Going to Chicago for the summer holiday is perfect for everyone, whether you are still a single, newly married couple, or the moms and dads. Prepare to be in the crowd of its multi-cultural people. You will feel like a real loss if you are a solo traveler.