Find Out YouTube Channel With Most Subscriber

youtube channel with most subscriber

YouTube became one of a platform to watch a video. Thus, approximately 1,8 billion people become YouTube users. No wonder if YouTuber becomes millennial’s most wanted job. In addition to that, the number of content creators is arising. But, do you know the YouTube channel with most subscribers? Here is the list:

1. T-Series

This channel is owned by record and label companies from India. Mostly, their content is about the Bollywood movie’s soundtrack. More than 114 million subscribers and been watched for more than 2,7 billion times. T-series cast out PewDiePie after 1,920 days as a top watched channel. So, it becomes a YouTube channel with most subscribers.

2. PewDiePie

Who is PewDiePie? Well, it is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. Since his channel has more than 101 million subscribers, it makes him one of the most famous YouTuber. In addition, his content is about jokes, reviews, and mosly gaming. Despite it all, he gains rivalry with T-Series and some controversy.

3. Cocomelon

Probably, this is what parents like the most. Coco melon’s content is kids’ entertainment such as education animation, CGI cartoonish design, and nursery rhymes. Although it has 62 million subscribers, some people considered Coco melon bad for its autoplay. Parents easily ask their kids to watch this just to keep them silent.

4. 5-Minute Craft

It is not easy to ignore 5-Minute Craft. Therefore, they gain 61 million subscribers because of their interesting content. If you want to do something differently, then this is a suitable channel. Originally, this is a DIY channel and emerge to life hacks and content for kids and parents.

5. SET India

Sony Entertainment Television India owns this channel. With more than 57 million subscribers, this channel containing TV shows trailers and teasers. As well as episode clips. For sure, this is a Hindi-language channel and run by an Indian television channel.

6 Kanal KondZilla

Owned by Konrad Cunha Dantas, this channel contains music videos. Eventually, this channel has more than 52 million subscribers. Dantas posts music videos to this channel, mostly music from KondZilla. Sometimes, he also adds behind the scene footage into this channel.

7. WWE

WWE never lost their fans. It becomes the most popular sports channel so far. Thus, they gain 49 million subscribers worldwide. WWE contains matches both recap and full, also footage of their archive. Besides, classic fights and interviews also available on this channel. WWE knows how to make wrestling entertaining.

8. Justin Bieber

Bieber invades YouTube long ago and still on. Pop culture is something more since Bieber appears on YouTube. He has more than 46 million subscribers today and always increases. Mostly, his content is about music, promotion stuff, and interviews. Also, his behind the scene footage. But, what about his drama?

9. The Dude Perfect

This is a sports entertainment canal. Runs by five US guys, this channel has 46 million subscribers. Even today, this channel is one of the most popular sports channels in the world. Not only sports, the guys actually shot some other stuff such as lasers, drone, and trick and shots

Now you see that YouTube is not the only platform to watch videos, but also to make money. Moreover, YouTubers become a dream job right now. So, are you ready to make a YouTube channel with most subscribers?